Public Engagement Strengthening

Section re-write and supporting documentation to strengthen project grant applications that have been rejected due to public engagement sections being 'comparatively weaker'.

From our experience many applications are being rejected due to public engagement sections being comparatively weaker. In order to address this weaker link and allow for the application to be re-submitted in a stronger position we've developed our Public Engagement Strengthening offer.

Designed as a hassle free option, you're provided with a full supporting document outlining those audiences you wish to reach, how you'll go about doing this, the value they'll receive from your work and the experience you intend for them to have. 

In addition, we offer a full re-write of the public engagement section of your application, written in such a way that overcomes the challenge of conveying a project's public value within the tight character limit. Both the re-write and supporting document clearly address ACE's feedback and their wider audience engagement targets.

The Process

We always begin with a free 30-minute video consultation where we explore your requirements based upon the feedback received from ACE. We determine your audience and how your work is of value to them, sharing with you past examples of successful documents. This is a non-committal and free of charge call to allow you to gain a better understanding of your audience, us as a consultant and the Public Engagement Strengthening offer. 


Presuming you feel we can help strengthen your application, we start to write your unique supporting document, with the public engagement being outlined, specific to your work. We use our expertise of audience engagement and our understanding of current ACE strategies and objectives to align your application in such a way that, without changing your work, directly addresses these ACE criteria. 

Once written, we return to your application and re-write the public engagement section that succinctly summaries the project. 

Our Work and ACE.

We have worked to understand ACE Project Grants, the requirements and how we can contribute our expertise to strengthen applications. 

Working to ACE strategies and objectives, we align the work of those who come to us to ensure the public value of that work is being demonstrated clearly.

We offer our knowledge of audiences to make suggestions of where a project's public engagement planning is falling short and how best to move forward.

Our goal is to enable more people to participate in exciting and brilliant culture experiences, in many cases the first step to achieving this is through funding being secured.

The Details

£45 incl. VAT

We charge to same rate as the A-N artist fair pay policy of £26/hour.


Agreed with organisation.

Typically delivered within 7 days.

Refund Policy

No refunds once paid for. ​ Clients are free to cancel at anytime. 

In The Words of Arts Council England

The importance of understanding audiences for grant applications.

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