Digital Policy Planning

A clear statement that articulates how aligning digital with an artistic mission will be used to share an organisation's a vision and offering.

A structured means of expressing digital ambition and a frame work for digital strategies; having been developed for organisations that are ACE funded or seeking to be.  

Digital in 2020 and Beyond.

Digital has had a transformative effect on how audiences engage with the artsand can be a fantastic medium for low-cost experimentation; allowing organisations to gather data quickly and inform their core approach.

But why is a digital policy important?

ACE is keen that all funded organisations have a digital policy that links to their overall vision and, importantly, breakdowns the means of implementing that vision. 

Considered Within a Digital Policy 

  • Overall mission​

  • Current digital position​

  • Creative output​

  • Audience experience​

  • Key digital commitments​

  • Skills required​

  • How success will be measured

What a Digital Policy Allows For

Promote, create, distribute and share experiences with audiences online; supporting your artistic objectives.

Create the opportunities for artistic experimentation - on and offline.

Strengthen your organisation's resilience by creating new revenue streams.

Deliver better value from public investment.

The Consultancy Process

  • Free 30-minute video consultation.

  • ​Free face-to-face deep-dive consultation.

  • ​Consultancy formally agreed. Deliverables agreed.

  • ​Continuous and unlimited dialogue via phone, email or face-to-face.

  • ​Regular progression meetings.

  • ​Final sign off and presentation of documents, with optional public presentation lead by Disconnected Bodies.

  • ​On-going support and continued partnership.

The Details

£250 incl. VAT

We charge to same rate as the A-N artist fair pay policy of £26/hour.

To be paid in 3 instalments of £83.33 as follows - 

  • Upon formal agreement.

  • Upon completion and delivery.

  • Within 3 months of completion.


Agreed with organisation.

Typically delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Refund Policy

Refunds can be requested at any point of the agreement up till the final sign-off, with all payments (in full) being refunded within 14 days.

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