Custom Solutions

We support clients with the audience challenges they are facing through overarching audience advice and practical arts engagement or marketing planning support. 

Our range of customisable audience solutions have been designed to meet the requirements of both independent artists and arts organisations of all sizes, including the meeting of ACE Project Grant and NPO engagement criteria. 

You'll Find Us Useful If You,

  • Need to consider audience engagement strategies to support your grant application or business plan.

  • Want to develop a formal arts marketing or audience engagement document that identifies, explores, understands and plans to reach your audience for your whole programme or for a single exhibition.

  • Want to refresh your approach and ensure its effective and current.

  • Wish to grow or develop your audience but have limited resources.

  • Have ambitious plans to contribute to the development of audience engagement in the arts sector as a whole.


We feel the value of formal audience engagement planning is clear; allowing arts organisations to express their vision in a comprehensive, accessible and digestible manner that guides future programming and demonstrates the tangible value, to funders, the public receive from your work.

However, this would be pointless without the practical tools needed to deepen and develop audience engagement.

Not Only Abstract Ideas; Practical Tools.

What We Can Do For You

Increase Reach

Enrich Experiences

Deepen Engagement

Grow and Develop Audiences

Achieve ACE objectives and help deliver improved value from public investment.

Giving more people the chance to take part in the arts, no matter where they live or their social, educational or financial circumstances.

Ensuring all audiences participating in your offering leave having been inspired, moved or challenged.

Developing a programme that meets your audience’s self, social and societal needs.

Giving current audiences the opportunities to become frequent attendees; advocates for your offering, and who share the value of your programme with others.

Supporting current and future partnerships with ACE and delivering NPO objectives; displaying your contribution as an arts organisation and demonstrating the tangible value the public receive from their investment in you.

Working with You.

We take a life-long consultancy approach; meaning, past the official end of the work, we remain available to provide on-going consultancy to you. Valuing the opportunity to grow with you, we work to provide you a personalised service, seeking deeply to understand both your requirements and your audience. 


Taking on only a handful of collaborations each year gives us the space to provide extensive advice. We look to live and breathe each commission; believing our strength is our ability to deep dive into a client's circumstances, undistracted and focused on delivering tangible value.

Why You Might Say No.

  • Your budget is tight

  • You don’t trust us with your information

  • We don’t understand your audience

Our custom solutions have been designed with your budget, your privacy and your expertise in mind.

We work to the 'ACE artist fair pay policy' of £26/hour. Its only fair we don’t get paid more than the artists you work with. 

We work with the information you provide; as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing. All information is stored in accordance to GDPR confidentiality laws.

We work with your knowledge of your audience. No one understands your audience better than you; we combine your knowledge with our engagement expertise.

Our Unique 'Multiverse Approach' to Audience Engagement.


Choices & Decisions

Emotional Journey


Arrival & Departure


An audience's first contact with your programme; attracting them, engaging them and moving them to attend.

The stage where audiences weigh up alternative options and consider what choosing you will mean to them.

Moving the audience through their journey with you; providing value to them and creating a lasting impression that evokes further engagement.

Reducing 'mental barriers to participation' that prevent attendance and ensure audiences leave having been artistically and intellectually challenged.

The influence your programme has had on an audience, what they take away; tangible or intangible.

Where Our Custom Solutions Go Further.

We’ve mentioned that the arts don’t need marketing, the arts need engagement. Similarly, our engagement planning goes further than marketing. An holistic approach to audience engagement, through our multiverse process, is what excites us when working with clients. With this outlook we can provide custom content for your Road Map that could include,​​

  • Identifying the needs of local communities and authorities.

  • Profiles, behaviours and psychographics of your audience to attract commercial sponsorship.

  • ​Delivering your organisation's personalised Creative Case for Diversity to ACE.

  • ​Profiling potential financial/commercial contributors

  • Ensuring you meet the data sharing requirements set by ACE.

  • Building your legacy.

The Consultancy Process

  • Free 30-minute video consultation.

  • ​Free face-to-face deep-dive consultation.

  • ​Consultancy formally agreed. Deliverables agreed.

  • ​Continuous and unlimited dialogue via phone, email or face-to-face.

  • ​Regular progression meetings.

  • ​Final sign off and presentation of documents, with optional public presentation lead by Disconnected Bodies.

  • ​On-going support and continued partnership.

The Solutions

For Medium to Large Organisations

Audience Engagement Road Map

Arts marketing and audience engagement planning that formally organises the identification and exploration of intended audiences. The objective is to provide insight and guidance for those seeking to develop the audience engagement aspect of their work. 

The development of an AERM encourages a wider vision of participation, clarifies audience objectives and provides an actionable plan that takes the uncertainty out of audience engagement.
AERMs are intended as a long-range reference document, for the situational analysis and initial research/data collection elements, whilst also offering individualised and actionable engagement strategies alongside monitoring planning. Personalised for the organisation, AERM documents can be formally presented by Disconnected Bodies to stakeholders upon completion. 

For New Projects and Small Scale Initiatives

Audience Profiling

A structured overview document that provides you an accessible introduction to audience identification and planning. Designed to be user-friendly, the document is easily understood and is the ideal first step in ensuring a project reaches its intended audience. 

Audience profiling sets the foundation for effective implementation of engagement planning and allows for projects with limited resources, including staffing and budget, to achieve the audience reach and depth of experience they aspire to. 


Using our audience engagement expertise, knowledge of audience psychologies, and partnership with Arts Audience Insights CIC to call upon past research, we look to fill a skills gap in your team and/or work with you to address the challenges you may be facing in reaching audiences.

£175 incl. VAT

Hourly Advise Call

Audience Engagement Consultancy Clinic.

A straightforward conversation that takes the uncertainty out of audience engagement and supports you to identify, explore, understand or reach your intended audience. 

We look to provide individualised advise on the audience participation issues you're facing as either an independent artist or arts organisation during COVID-19. 

£26/hour incl. VAT

  • Bookable in slots of 1 hour.

  • Free 30-minute video consultation beforehand. To prepare material for the clinic session.

  • Free extra 30-minutes if 1 hour isn't enough.

Book a Free 30-Minute Consultation.

2021 in Numbers

So far in 2021 - 


  • 411 hours of free advice given

  • 71,000 people engaged physically

       (34,000 first time attenders)

  • 2.1 million people engaged digitally

  • 5 national research projects

  • 2 international research projects.

Recent Clients & Partnerships 

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