Audience Engagement Consultancy Clinic

A straightforward conversation that takes the uncertainty out of audience engagement and supports you to identify, explore, understand or reach your intended audience. 

We look to provide individualised advise on the audience participation issues you're facing as either an independent artist or arts organisation during COVID-19. 

We Can Help You With

Identification and segmentation of existing or unknown audiences.

Meet Arts Council England audience engagement objectives.

Demonstrate your commitment to access and inclusion.

Challenging barriers to participation.

Communicate the value & relevance of your work.

Encouraging and reassuring funders.​

Understand the emergence of a 'quarantine' and disappearing' audiences.

The Details

£26/hour incl. VAT

Booking can take place up to 4 hours before the requested time slot (subject to availability).

Sessions available in slots of one-hour.

It is required the client sign a short agreement prior to the consultation.

Pre-Clinic Consultation

A free 30-minute pre-clinic consultation is offered.

During this initial session we briefly identify the purpose of the consultancy call; allowing for materials to be gathered beforehand. If preferred this can take place via email.

Refund Policy

Clients may refuse payment following the session if our consultancy does not meet expectations.

Refusal to pay must be made via email within one hour of the end of the session. No refunds once the session has been paid for.