About Us: Connecting Bodies.

We partner with innovative contemporary artists and artist-led spaces that are, or want to be, experimental, sustainable, collaborative, and accessible to provide them a roadmap to develop their audience engagement, grow audience participation, increase reach and enrich experiences.

Our range of custom consultancy solutions have been designed with the independent artist and small arts organisation in mind, seeking Arts Council England funding, wishing to demonstrate their public value, enrich audience experience or meet public engagement and equality criteria.

Our Equality Statement: As cis, white and non-disabled, we recognise the need to be taking action rather than by-standing. We have set our focus on using the platforms available to support changes in the industry through wider, deeper and more democratised audience engagement.

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Pablo Colella

Lead Practitioner


UK Ambassador for the Artist Run Alliance.

Arts Audience Advisor for Creative United

Featured Service Provider with the Arts Marketing Association

With 12 years' experience specialising in the engagement and development of arts audiences I collaborate with clients to widen reach, create impact and gain audience recognition. My expertise can support the growth of current and new potential audiences, anticipating their preferences and barriers to participation.

My passion lies in working with niche and innovative people and projects to develop more relevant audience engagement strategies and in turn enabling more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant arts experiences.

Accredited arts audience research -

  • Arts Audiences: Establishing Opportunities for Engagement

  • An Experimental Investigation of how Digital Engagement Can Deepen and Democratize Artistic Exchange with Audiences

  • Audience Development: A Focus on Widening Participation

To hire Pablo to speak at your event, please email office@disconnectedbodies.co

Download Pablo's public speaking profile.

Arts marketing consultant, audience engagement consultant, arts marketing, arts marketing association, audience agency

Lucie Mullick


Having qualified with an Art Business MA from Sotheby's Institute of Art, I began building my career as an arts marketing consultant in parallel to exploring my own performance art. This combination lead me to a number of roles as an audience development officer within dance and theatre.


Upon joining Dis-Connected Bodies, where I explored their previous work, I came to the realisation that the arts do indeed need engagement, not marketing. Now a proud member of the converted I relish the idea of combining my business knowledge with the opportunity to contribute to the democratisation of the arts; and hope I can deepen the public's art experience.

Our Team and MoMA.

Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art.

MoMA's Art and Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art is a programme developed as a means of educating those interested in diversifying their participating audiences; that acts as a catalyst for building skills and understanding active engagement. 

Enrolled in MoMA's education programme 2017-18, and now in an extremely fortunate position as to deliver the curriculum ourselves, inspired by MoMA's history and continued experimentation; we now pass on our learnings to our collaborations and clients. 

Equality Advisory Board

We recognise our privilege and the need for action taking in support of those who face discrimination within the arts. Our Equality Advisory Board is a diverse network of community leaders and spokespeople upon who we can consult in regards to our audience engagement work.

Partners, Collaborators and Memberships

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