Art isn't toilet roll.

Art doesn't need marketing, art needs engagement.©

For independent artists and small, niche or niche or art-run initiatives.


The arts don't need marketing.

We find audiences fascinating, and feel successful audience engagement as an emotional response. Yet search listings of ‘arts marketing consultants’ and you’ll find a serious lack of understanding of this simple and important perspective. Still thinking in terms of marketing not engagement, many employ the same strategies and tactics for the arts as you would for Coca-Cola or an iPhone.

We’re proud of our unique approach to arts engagement; a process that involves an extremely limited use of ‘traditional marketing’; instead combining key elements of marketing with the unique requirements of arts engagement and audience development. We look forward to continuing to develop more relevant audience engagement strategies and in turn enabling more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant cultural experiences; and optimistically move the arts industry away from being marketed.

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Reaching Audiences Online

Hosted by Artquest

Watch back as Pablo speaks with Artquest's Nick Kaplony on how to reach arts audiences online. 

Connecting Bodies.

We partner with innovative contemporary artists and artist-led spaces that are, or want to be, experimental, sustainable, collaborative, and accessible to provide them a roadmap to develop their audience engagement, grow audience participation, increase reach and enrich experiences.

Our range of custom consultancy solutions have been designed with the independent artist and small arts organisation in mind, seeking Arts Council England funding, wishing to demonstrate their public value, enrich audience experience or meet public engagement and equality criteria.

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"Art without discovery moves nobody; creation must be made accessible for consumption".

Our Audience Psychology Expertise

Understanding the psychological make-up of an audience is essential in ensuring audience engagement moves past the limitations of arts marketing. Dissection of the psychological needs and preferences of the audience allows for appreciation of any personal, situational, cultural, institutional and historical factors that may be influencing an audience’s willingness to engage.

As the only audience engagement consultants that place such heavy emphasis on psychology over marketing, our approach is based upon significant past research into audience habits and preferences. By aligning psychographic considerations we can provide more relevant engagement guidance as to effectively reach and connect with your audience segment; informing the building of cultural experiences so the public receive maximum value from your work.

Our audience psychology documents are presented clearly in a format that is suitable to be used as supporting evidence for ACE DYCP public engagement planning or for ACE National Lottery Grants. We welcome the opportunity to discuss reaching your audience through innovative psychological planning. ©

Beyond Data

Audiences aren’t just numbers to report back to ACE with. Audiences have clear and determined psychologies influencing their engagement with the arts. Only through exploration of psychology can the arts remain relevant and essential to the wider public good, data driven planning simply can not cut it.

That being said, much of current arts marketing and engagement planning is being based upon impressive seeming census-style data reports that provide extensive results but give no explanation as how these are relevant to the arts or arts engagement planning.

We feel it's a dangerous, ineffective and impersonal approach to be developing cultural experiences based upon statistics and not recognising audiences as individuals.  Grouping audiences solely through demographic data is not only extremely presumptuous of their psychographics but also boarders on prejudice and discrimination. Allowing the future of the arts to be shaped through such a cold, analytical approach fills us with dread. ©

Our Unique 'Multiverse Approach' to Audience Engagement. ©


Choices & Decisions

Emotional Journey


Arrival & Departure


An audience's first contact with your programme; attracting them, engaging them and moving them to attend.

The stage where audiences weigh up alternative options and consider what choosing you will mean to them.

Moving the audience through their journey with you; providing value to them and creating a lasting impression that evokes further engagement.

Reducing 'mental barriers to participation' that prevent attendance and ensure audiences leave having been artistically and intellectually challenged.

The influence your programme has had on an audience, what they take away; tangible or intangible.

Our Work with Arts Audience Insights CIC

Research into the arts audience is crucial to support the industry moving forward. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of contemporary arts audiences, their changing habits and the means of connecting with them. We work alongside arts audience R&D CIC, Arts Audience Insights to widen access for traditionally unengaged, underrepresented or discriminated groups. Key findings from our research can be read here.​​

Our research projects have included,

  • Arts Audiences: Establishing Opportunities for Engagement.

  • An Experimental Investigation of how Digital Engagement Can Deepen and Democratise Artistic Exchange with Audiences.

  • Audience Development: A Focus on Widening Participation.

Our Team and MoMA.

Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art.

MoMA's Art and Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art is a programme developed as a means of educating those interested in diversifying their participating audiences; that acts as a catalyst for building skills and understanding active engagement. 

Enrolled in MoMA's education programme 2017-18, and now in an extremely fortunate position as to deliver the curriculum ourselves, inspired by MoMA's history and continued experimentation; we now pass on our learnings to our collaborations and clients. 

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"Art organisations are only valuable to society when their work fully engages, challenges and connects with an audience".

We aim to formalise your artistic, financial and social objectives; to produce customised and practical engagement strategies, in addition to considering your overarching artistic mission and position within the industry; as to contribute to your organisations’ programme and ensure your place in future conversations; building collaborations that continue past the initial commission.

Formalise your artistic, financial and social objectives.​

Audience Engagement Consultancy Clinic.

One-to-one guidance and support that encourages vision, clarifies objectives and provides an actionable plan that takes the uncertainty out of the audience participation issues you're facing as an arts organisation during COVID-19.


Including audience participation planning for National Lottery Grants, DYCP and Culture Recovery funding applications.

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